Our Expert Services

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  • Tarot Card Reading
    Basic: 10 card Celtic Cross spread insight on personal aspects of life love health happiness marriage career
  • Crystal Ball Reading
    Basic: Using crystal ball to look into particular aspects in life
  • Palm Reading
    Basic: Reading the lines in your hands the map of your destiny
  • Spiritual Psychic Reading
    Basic: Reading the vibrations of your energy and receiving divination through spiritual guides
  • Numerology Readings
    Basic: The numbers of your birth date reveal your destiny
  • Clairvoyant
    Basic: Channeling the spiritual realm to reveal insight
  • Aura Reading
    Basic: Reading the auric colors of your energy field surrounding your outer body
  • Chakra Reading
    Basic: Reading the 7 chakra levels of your energy
  • Astrology Reading
    Basic: Reveals the planetary influences on your birth sign
  • Natal Report
    Basic: Reveals your inner person
  • Egyptian Sand Reading
    Basic: A highly recommended reading for spiritual divination
  • Life Coach Meditation Sessions
    Basic: Many aspects of your personal life such as Love, Health, and Happiness
  • Past Life Readings
    Basic: Reveals the lives you have journeyed in the past

*Also available for parties and banquets.