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2012-04-29, 04:16
thank you Marla your very gifted your aura cleansing and balancing has brought clarity and peace fullness in my life your meditation sessions really workout well in recreating my goals and achieving them today am in a better place thank you.
2012-04-12, 18:59
thank you Diane your psychic abiliy is amazing to know so much about me in only one tarot card reading you addressed my nagative and gave strength in my postive to achive my goals in my acting career read less
Danny R.
2012-03-12, 03:11
Diane was friendly and very intuitive in understanding who I am and the pluses and minuses of my life. She pin pointed things without my having to give her inside information. She also made some very good recommendations and I plan to consult her again in the future. I think that should qualify as a high rating. I enjoy our visit on the phone very much.
2009-11-07, 03:08
I went to the hollywood psychic gallery for tarot card reading on my love relationships conserns i was having i meet psychic reader diane she gave me a psychic reading on my conserns she truly gave so much insight into my life's matters she told me the reason i was'nt happy that my soulmate did not come into my life yet and that i was going to met him in a few months ,well her predictions came...
Anna J.
2009-07-25, 04:37
Hollywood Psychic Gallery is truly accurrate psychics readings

A truly accurate psychic Diane i will keep her for my personal and only psychic consultant she is very gifted i was amazed at how she knew so much about me in only one palm reading thank heaven i find a real professional psychic
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